Everything Changes: A Fans Review

Everything Changes: A Fans Review
October 22, 2014 admin

Everything Changes: A Fans Review


The elation of winning a copy of the limited edition ‘Everything Changes’ box-set, the anticipation of its arrival and the pure joy of opening such a package needed digesting. 

As a vinyl-lover, I was thrilled to find two beautiful picture discs inside, embellished with Julian’s butterfly art. As an admirer of Julian’s life, music and creative work, I knew this would be special; a lot of love and emotion was encased in this box-set, centred around fourteen songs.

Three CDs with different versions of the songs (electric, acoustic and instrumental), as well as a DVD, helped me really unravel and reach deeper into these tracks and their background stories.

My favourites are the acoustic versions of the songs on CD2.

Also included on the DVD is the documentary ‘Through The Picture Window’ charting the creative process of Everything Changes, including commentary from Bono and all the musicians and producers involved. 

The centre of the box contains pages with lyric sheets and credits, all beautifully laid out with corresponding artworks. 

The complete package is so beautifully presented and I know I will enjoy looking through it for years to come. Thank you Julian, it is really something to take pride in.

IMG 2695 IMG 2709

Sue Ferro – UK (Twitter Competition winner) 

Considering that it had to travel a lot to get to me in Montréal, I was wondering if I was going to get my Everything Changes Box-Set Someday or if it will get lost In Between.  Finally, I guess it was me that was doubtful, because I got it very quickly.
I find it quite Beautiful and will be Holding on to it Always because when I listen to Julian’s music, I touch the sky.

Julie Lagacé


I Luv, Luv, Luv this Beautiful Musical album!  All in one book of many delights to please the senses.  Seeing All the Beautiful pictures and lyrics with amazing artwork on quality paper. Watching the documentary & videos is  so inspiring and admirable seeing how music is made with poetry in motion videos.  Listening to the Beautiful soothing sounds of instrumental takes this to another level.  The acoustic cd is Amazing pure sound, I luv listening to it in my car. The original cd is Awesome!  I never get tired of listening to it. The records are Fabulous! Beautiful on the inside & out. A Very Classy boxed set in all formats. I luv the personal touch of sealing it with your signature.  Magnificent!
A Beautiful experience & pleasure to own. A Masterpiece! ★★★★★ Thank you. 😉 x

Sincerely, Wanda Tice


I am so very pleased with my Box-Set of Everything Changes. This is Julian’s best album ever, both musically and with visual presentation.  Anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet is really missing out on something special.

Sharon Tomaszewski


Mine is even more special then others.. it’s not the number 0001 or even a possible 1000 that I have..
but the amazing way it came to me first.. through kindness of a soul that sent it…
that in itself is priceless.. see what the box set is doing.. generating kindness..  
What can you say about your box set.. only every positive and encouraging word in the language of this world..
The theme runs through the entire box set.. starts with a butterfly of growth and beauty and follows through – even to the fine detail of a small butterfly on the screen to press and change to a new section.. when I see, touch or listen to it, I have a sense of peace and that it will all work out.. I have to be careful while driving if listening to it,as it is so healing and I almost go into a meditative state…
There are songs in that album that make it seem like it talks to me…. like your message is encouraging me to keep going…I hope that it provides that message for all that listen to it.. rarely do you find work that speaks to you.. and your work does.. 
The vinyl part reminds me of my childhood, in the early years when life was love and family..
even the pictures on it all match and make it real…  they are beautiful and real.. there is an honest realness in it..
I guess it tells your story as much as it tells mine and others.. that change is there if you want to be all that you can be.. It is relatable and I can identify with much of what you say. Everyone can, because we are all the same inside and out.. although some have worked harder on themselves.. you hear and see all the work that you have done to date on your spiritual growth.. I am sincerely happy for you and pray that you continuing work leads you further to your purpose… Much prayers to you for all that you do…
Keep on Keeping on

Ndene Riley

My name is Michel Guillemette, from Canada, and I am the proud owner of the Everything Changes box set #0222.
What a great piece of art it is! A particular attention has been given to every details on this box set. The visual aspect of the box-set, with a variation of the butterfly on each page is very well done. And musically speaking, having 3 different versions of the same album (Original, Acoustic, and Instrumental) is a very interesting experience to listen to. This is a must for every fans of Julian Lennon, without a doubt!

Michel Guillemette

I bought your lovely set box in part due to enjoying your music, supporting/ appreciating your humanitarian efforts, and because of your collaboration with the very talented Gregory Darling. Shortly after receiving the box set I had a brief conversation with an acquaintance, who happens to be one of your greatest admirers. She informed me, she was not currently in a position to obtain your box set.  Realizing she would be absolutely elated to have a box set, my heart was moved. I had literally only reviewed the book before re-wrapping the box set and putting it into the mail to her (from USA to Australia).  The box set was truly beautiful and a privilege to see.  However, the opportunity to give was more of a privilege and is the real gift in life! So, your box set has been a blessing in more ways than one. 🙂 I’m not generally one to give and tell.  However, I hope others will be inspired to give and follow their hearts.
Best wishes to you and yours,
Barbara ‘Bobbi’ Collins 

Thank you so much for creating this box set!
It was worth the wait! It is luxurious and I can feel all the hard work put into all the details!
I love the artwork and photography and the way everything fits into this nice collectors book.
My favorite part is the hand signed certificate by Julian Lennon.  It makes it extra special and will bring many years of enjoyment with all the CDs, records, and DVD that is included!  The paper in the book is the best quality and enhances the 
rich experience.   
  I want to watch the DVD on the big screen.  Thank you for generously sharing your special talents with your fans with this high quality box set!  

Cristina Moren

Julian Lennon manages to back up these two words in this new box set not only to demonstrate the meaning but to take it to soaring heights as well. It appears that the slightest detail has been seen to in its presentation from the wistful yet intense lyrics and the lush yet simplistic arrangements to the art and images which give us clues to what lies in wait for us. The songs are sung not only with a delicate and loving manner but also with a demand for attention to that which is a part of all of us…..and so it seems so natural to glide your way through the gossamer dreams he offers in music and words then all at once dig your feet in and become a part of it all. This offering truly gives the listener a reason to sit back and not only dream but think…..

Mabel L. Stellato, MA, LPC, NCC


I really love the box set, videos with both versions of songs regular and acoustic and picture albums.
I have been a fan since the Valotte days (teenager then) and I was a member of the Julian Lennon “thumbs up” club.
Anyway, I do love Julian’s music. My favorite songs are: Always  ( I love the message of this song and video is great), I also like Everything Changes, love the opening image with the song that starts everything.
Looking for love is very good. The whole album flows very well, not a bad song on it really. Its hard to pick just one song.
Being from the video age ( a teen in the 80’s) I enjoy watching the Music videos of the whole album.
Good job Julian!

Nancy Adams


I bought the box set for a couple reasons. To help The White Feather Foundation and to hear Julian’s latest music contribution.  In Canada the regular pressing is very hard to come by. 

I was more than impressed with the package. I helped the Foundation, the music is great, the vinyl and cd package is excellent and in addition the package is limited and is all authenticated by Julian’s hand written signature. 

A package well worth buying for the price. 

Ps. A friend of mine Rory Dodd appeared on Julian’s first 2 records. 

Thanks again. 

Rudy Wendy


I don’t have the Everything Changes Box Set but I have the Everything Changes 2011 and the DVD Through The Picture Window.
The album Everything Changes is absolutely fantastic by inspiring people throught  the message of the lyrics, the artworks and everything else, so like Through The Picture Window DVD that brings a wonderful  and interactive menu and background very easy to deal with.
It’s great to see how every videoclip from Through The Picture Window DVD was made, including the accoustic versions ,interviews and White Feather Foundation videos too.
Was great Julian’s idea to bring  facts of your career,like his life, Charity and Photography, through of a great narrative and through his partners/ friends as well.
The vinyl of the Box Set  so like all artworks are fantastic too.



My review is if it had 6 stars I would want to make it seven if I could

 Outside. I love how it is in book form with  the butterfly artwork work. on it. Every butterfly in it and one it is intricately done with such finesse.  Everything Changes on top, Julian Lennon on the bottom beautifully scripted. with the blue butterfly in the middle and the shadowed hand in the middle of the butterfly.  It is very beautifully done. Inside. Each page has something different   Some pages having words to the songs on the album/CD clearly typed and understood. Words that convey with so much emotion.  Every song on the album and inspiration to life and love. One page.  I love how there  the 3 CDs and the DVD that each have the butterflies are all together on one page. Each of the butterflies a different color and unique in their own way. The two picture disks (LPs, One at the beginning of the book, one at the end) with all the butterfly artwork, each lovingly place around it.  The photos are well  done and add a nice touch.



I open the package and there it was : A great white book with the well know butterfly.
On the first page was the first picture disc and the by Julian signed card.
In the book are the lyrics of the songs. On one page is the lyric and on the opposite page
is fantanstic butterfly act work picture. At the end of the book are the cd’s and the dvd.
And then there is the second picture disc.
But is not only about the the book. You can choose a cd for every mood you’re in.
It all sounds and look great. In one word : GREAT GREAT GREAT

Johan Cuppens


The Everything Changes box set is absolutely beautiful! The Lp’s with the Butterfly images on them are stunning, they are works of art all by themselves! You cannot beat the price when you figure that you are getting a brilliant album (Everything Changes), to listen to over and over again ( and you Will want to listen again and again!), you also get the wonderful documentary Through the picture window and the 14 videos that I cannot pick a favorite from, plus the acoustic version of the album which  gives the listener a chance to hear these wonderful songs stripped down, and you also get the instrumental version of the album so you can enjoy those beautiful melodies
By themselves. To top it all off it is packaged in a beautiful booklet format with all those photographs to look at while memorizing the lyrics to all those wonderful songs!

Linda Toan

In the video for ‘Invisible’, we see a photograph of Julian and his mother, Cynthia. Just as the love between them is evident, the love that has gone into the creation of the Everything Changes box-set is plain for all to see. For fans of Julian Lennon, fortunately the feature-length DVD contained in the box-set includes not only the video for ‘Invisible’, but a video for every song on the Everything Changes album. Also featuring a documentary about Julian and his music, and important information about The White Feather Foundation, the DVD is a real treat.

The album title was always fitting but with the creation of this set, the title and butterfly motif is even more apt now than it was when Everything Changes was originally released in 2011. Julian’s growth and change as an artist is evidenced by the addition of extra tracks to the original album, the acoustic and instrumental versions of the album, and the way he has expanded the concept to include visual depictions of the music. Each video is a work of art in itself. The music has undergone a metamorphosis into various lovely forms. As a fan of vinyl, I must make special mention of the two included picture discs, which are an aural and visual delight. The box-set is packaged book-style, and lyrics are included.

The inclusion of Julian’s signature makes one feel that he is proud to put his name to this work – and so he should be. The Everything Changes box-set is a fine piece of work, and evidence of what can be achieved when one directs their creative talents down a beautiful path.

Tanya O’Sullivan

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