Julian to Host “Jude: Behind the Album”, an Interactive Fan Event via Looped on 9/14

Julian to Host “Jude: Behind the Album”, an Interactive Fan Event via Looped on 9/14
August 31, 2022 admin

Julian to Host “Jude: Behind the Album”, an Interactive Fan Event via Looped on 9/14

 Julian to Host “Jude: Behind the Album”, an Interactive Fan Event via Looped on 9/14

“On JUDE, Lennon embraces the song and others that have been developing over time and pulled from his own life journeys.” – American Songwriter

“While his new album has been in the works for some time, some of the songs are eerily suitable to today.” – Forbes

Featuring “the gorgeous closing lullaby, ‘Gaia’, based on Bill Laurance’s instrumental, Cables.” – Mojo

“’Lucky Ones’ by Julian Lennon is Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week!” – Lightning 100

(New York, New York – August 31, 2022) – Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, Julian Lennon is releasing his long awaited new album Jude on September 9th. This is Lennon’s first full length record in 11 years.

Although JUDE is a deeply personal, coming-of age album, it also reflects on some much larger themes. Songs like “Every Little Moment” and “Freedom” deal with the collective anxiety felt, during times of love & war, internally, as well as externally. In this moment when everything feels so uncertain on a global scale, the songs on the album offer a sense of wonder, encouraging the listener to ask those questions, that need answers, for us to be able to move forward. ‘Stay’ an ambient ballad, is about being there for someone who is struggling with their mental health, while the piano-driven song “Breathe” sees Julian finding peace and balance in a time of emotional upheaval.

For the evocative closing track, “Gaia,” Julian collaborated with Paul Buchanan and Elissa Lauper for a reworking of a favorite instrumental of his, Bill Laurance’s “Cables.” The song, a poetic conversation between Mother Earth and humanity, embodies the overall feeling JUDE conveys.

On September 10th, in celebration of his late Mother, Cynthia Lennon’s birthday, he will be releasing Jude on vinyl as well, featuring an exclusive photo.

Lennon will sit down with KROQ’s Nicole Alvarez on September 14th for “Jude: Behind the Album,” an interactive intimate livestreamed fan event. For the first time ever he will discuss the album’s inspiration track by track, sharing never before heard stories. Fans can tune-in and participate in this conversation exclusively via LOOPED. There will also be giveaways and opportunities to purchase limited edition merchandise. LOOPED’s technology empowers fans to be more interactive by pulling fans directly on stage to be active participants of the event and get closer to those that inspire them. Tickets are free but limited. Sign up for tickets here.

To pre-order Jude click here

Lennon and Justin Clayton share production on JUDE.

Jude Tracklisting:

  1. Save Me
  2. Freedom
  3. Every Little Moment
  4. Not One Night
  5. Love Don’t Let Me Down
  6. Round and Round Again
  7. Love Never Dies
  8. Breathe
  9. Lucky Ones
  10. Stay
  11. Gaia ft. Paul Buchanan & Elissa Lauper


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