Julian Lennon Honoured With International Literacy Award

Julian Lennon Honoured With International Literacy Award
September 8, 2021 admin

Julian Lennon Honoured With International Literacy Award

World Literacy Foundation


The Humanitarian and New York Times Bestselling Author Julian Lennon will receive the award today, on International Literacy Day, for his outstanding contribution to literacy.Julian Lennon is an English-born singer/songwriter, filmmaker, author, photographer and humanitarian. Lennon is recognized today for his philanthropic work as the founder of The White Feather Foundation.Through the work of The White Feather Foundation, judges deemed Lennon as having demonstrated exceptional and sustained depth in commitment to the advancement of literacy. The announcement was made at the World Literacy Award event in London, United Kingdom, hosted by the World Literacy Foundation with 5,300 attendees from 52 countries who joined the online ceremony.
“With support from The World Literacy Foundation, children’s lives are transformed, creating a positive ripple effect worldwide. I am deeply grateful to be affiliated with this organization and for the acknowledgement of my work with The White Feather Foundation as a recipient of this year’s World Literacy Awards.” Said Julian Lennon.
The White Feather Foundation promotes and supports education, health, conservation, and Indigenous cultures through various projects worldwide. Lennon has written four books including the New York Times bestselling Touch the Earth trilogy for young children, and the forthcoming graphic novel, The Morning Tribe, for middle-grade kids, available this fall. Amongst his work to improve global literacy standards, Lennon set up The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship for Girls in honour of his late mother, and has so far awarded over 40 educational scholarships to girls across Africa and the U.S.
Andrew Kay, CEO of the World Literacy Foundation, said “The World Literacy Awards put a spotlight on individuals and organizations who are innovative in the literacy sector and Julian’s exemplary work with The White Feather Foundation and The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship for Girls is such an inspiration. We know the past 18 months have highlighted the need for communities to unite for literacy.”
Kay continued; “The pandemic has caused serious disruption in the lives of children learning to read and write, particularly those from low-income homes with limited access to books, education resources and online learning tools. Around the world so many children and young people need help in this fight against illiteracy. Literacy is the ticket to learning, opportunity and empowerment.”
“It starts with the discovery of the joy of reading at an early age. Thanks to the World Literacy Awards, today we honor and celebrate the achievements of these extraordinary people and organizations in their efforts to advance reading levels and give every young person the foundation for a better life.” Lord Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey series creator and one of the 16 international judges, said.
Please visit this website for further information about the Judging Panel, other award recipients and the World Literacy Foundation https://worldliteracyfoundation.org/world-literacy-awards/

For more media enquiries about WLF International Literacy Day events please go to https://worldliteracyfoundation.org/international…/
Or email [email protected] worldliteracyfoundation.org
For more media enquiries about the World Literacy Awards and more information please email [email protected] or visit https://worldliteracyfoundation.org/world-literacy-awards/
About World Literacy Foundation visit www.worldliteracyfoundation.org
About Julian Lennon
Julian Lennon is a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter; global humanitarian, renowned fine-art photographer, award-winning documentarian and New York Times bestselling author. In 2020, Lennon was named a recipient of the UNESCO Center for Peace Cross-cultural & Peace Crafter Award for his humanitarian work through The White Feather Foundation. That same year, he Executive Produced the groundbreaking environmental documentary “Kiss the Ground,” currently streaming on Netflix. Stay up-to-date with news about Julian at julianlennon.com.
About The White Feather Foundation
Established in 2007 by Julian Lennon, The White Feather Foundation brings awareness to worthy organizations by amplifying their voices, expanding their supporter communities and providing funding for their initiatives. This is achieved through the support of projects across the globe that foster education and good health; preserve Indigenous cultures; sustain our environment and give access to clean water for the conservation of life. Visit whitefeatherfoundation.com and follow the charity on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheWhiteFeatherFoundation; Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whitefeatherfoundation/ and Twitter: https://twitter.com/TWFFofficial.
About The World Literacy Foundation
The World Literacy Foundation (WLF) is a global non-profit organization working to ensure that every young individual regardless of geographic location has the opportunity to acquire literacy skills to reach their full potential, succeed at school and beyond.
We provide free access to quality education materials and innovative solutions that target wide-scale illiteracy.
Since 2013, WLF has provided our support services in remote communities and disadvantaged areas in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, South America, and Africa.
In 2012 WLF began the World Literacy Summit at Oxford University, bringing together the global literacy community to build greater collaboration and
partnerships. Due to its success, the summit was held again in 2014, 2018 and in 2020 we moved to a Covid-19 safe online conference.
The World Literacy Awards
The Annual World Literacy Awards recognize individuals and organizations for their outstanding endeavors that promote literacy learning. The Judging Panel of 15 eminent leaders from across the globe includes literacy leaders, Nobel Literature Prize recipients, and award-winning authors.
The Awards are an initiative of the World Literacy Foundation, a peak global literacy charity and the World Literacy Council.
For more information on the World Literacy Awards and to register to attend please visit


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