2018 Glass Tiger Thin Red Line

Vocals Glass Tiger & Julian Lennon    
2017 Goldenhair Sleep Now

Vocals Featuring Julian Lennon & Kristina Train    
2016 Cash NYC Remix Looking 4 Luv

Vocals Featuring Julian Lennon & Sandflower.    
2014 Stephen Emmer & Julian Lennon Sleep For England

Vocals, co write Co write with Stephen Emmer    
2014 Don’t Look Back High Road

Vocals Brent Bourgeois & Julian Lennon
2014 Price Of Desire -OST Goodbye Vocals, co write Co write with Brian Bryne
2014 California Breed Breathe

vocals Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, Andrew Watt & Julian Lennon    
2014 The Dave Harris Project Fallin In Love

vocals Dave Harris & Julian Lennon    
2012 Do You Think I’m A Joke? song + documentary Do You Think I’m A Joke? vocals Andrew Cole with Julian Lennon & various
2013 Absolutely Positively Getting Along Celebrate You Poem Reading Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Charity   
2013 Songs From The Suitcase Rain In England

co-write, vocals Tony Mortimer & Julian Lennon      
2013 The Dave Harris Project Let You Go

vocals Dave Harris & Julian Lennon      
2013 Everything Changes Someday

Vocals, co write Julian Lennon & Steven Tyler     
2012 Coloured Life Coloured Life

Producer, backing vocals Gregory Darling     
2012 Idle Hands All That You’ve Wanted

vocals Matt Backer & Julian Lennon     
2012 HOPE campaign Hope

vocals Nick Wood    
2012 Music From Another Dimsension LUV XXX

backing vocals Aerosmith & Julian Lennon     
2012 The Old Grey Whistle Test Stand By Me

song Julian Lennon  
2011 Shine On! Songs Volume 1 Children Of The World

vocals rerecord for The Tyler Foundation benefitting childhood cancer in Japan
2012 Tomi Swick December Sky

vocals Tomi Swick & Julian Lennon     
2010 Healthy Food For Thought Jules In The Kitchen

song Julian Lennon
2009 Lupus fundraising Lucy vocals, co-write Julian Lennon, James Scott Cook & Todd Meagher
2007 The Best Acoustic Versions CD2 Salwater (Live) song Julian Lennon Discogs
2006 Shell New Dream

vocals Gregory Darling & Julian Lennon      
2005 Hopeless Romantic Because songs Julian Lennon
2004 Matt Backer – The Impulse Man Cold War

co-write Matt Backer & Julian Lennon
2003 Reggae On The River- 20 Year Anniversary Celebration Hold Tight

vocals Julian Lennon & Third World
2002 Third World ‘Aint Giving Up’ Hold Tight

vocals Julian Lennon & Third World     
1999 KGSR Broadcast Volume 7 I Don’t Wanna Know (Acoustic Version) song Julian Lennon
1999 KTCZ Cities Samplers Good To Be Lonley (Acoustic Version) song Julian Lennon
1999 TBD Lennon… and Proud of It – A Conversation with Julian Lennon vocals? Julian Lennon
1998 & 1996 Bald All Alone vocals Bald (aka Daniel Adjadj) & Julian Lennon.
1995 Mr. Holland’s Opus soundtrack Cole’s Song co-write & vocals Michael Kamen, Julian Lennon & Justin Clayton; Julian Lennon iTunes
1994 Earthrise – The Rainforest Album Salwater song Julian Lennon
1993   Coo soundtrack Children Of The World vocals Julian Lennon. Japanese animated film
1993 Adams Family Values To Late For Goodbyes sample Julian Lennon
1992 KBCO Studio C Saltwater (Acoustic Version) song Julian Lennon
1992 20 Metre Sessies – Het Beste Uit Tian Jaa Saltwater (Acoustic Version) song Julian Lennon
1991 Blow Up by The Smithereens If You Want The Sun To Shine co-write Pat DiNizio & Julian Lennon iTunes
1991 Now That’s What I Call Music 20 Saltwater song Julian Lennon
1989 The Wonder Years: Music from the Emmy Award-Winning Show Ruby Tuesday vocals Julian Lennon
1989 Toy Matinee Turn It On Salvador & Things She Said vocals Julian Lennon, Patrick Lenoard, Kevin Gilbert iTunes
1987 Chuck Berry’s Hail Hail Rock & Roll Johnny B. Goode song Julian Lennon (Live)
1986 Playing For Keeps – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Stand By Me (Live) song Julian Lennon Allmusic
1986 The Hunting Of The Snark musical Midnight Smoke vocals Julian Lennon. Mike Batt musical. iTunes
1986 Time soundtrack Time Will Teach Us All vocals Julian Lennon & Stevie Wonder. Dave Clark musical
1986 Time soundtrack Because vocals Julian Lennon. Cover/rerecord of The Dave Clark Five song. Dave Clark musical
1986 Time soundtrack If You Only Knew vocals Julian Lennon. Dave Clark musical
1985 Rav Ravencroft Song For Guy vocals Julian Lennon
1984 Now That’s What I Call Music 4 To Late For Goodbyes Song Julian Lennon Now Music 
1974 Walls and Bridges John Lennon Drums John Lennon, Julian Lennon iTunes


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